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I first became acquainted with Indian culture when I was a child. My passion is dance, and the art of Bollywood dance is incomparable.
Each song is a story, usually centering on love and human relationships, and as a dancer, I have to articulate these stories through movement and expression.
Bollywood is an extremely positive and happy dance form, and it energises each of my students. For them, the choreographies are a real challenge, and the same goes for me at times!
I focus on the female style of Bollywood dance, and through my classes, you will activate a sacred and femenine energy


Qualified teacher trained by the world´s best Bollywood dancers, offers private and group classes here in Barcelona: focusing specifically on the female style of Bollywood dance.

She is also available to perform at private events and functions.

Bollywood is the modern dance of India, and Polly´s classes are both energetic and aerobic, and you will learn one of her coreographies to a well known song from the Indian film industry.

To find out more about this fantastic dance form, get in touch with Polly and get inspired!

Polly Casson: International Teacher and Indian dancer

I started to study Indian dance in london in 2002. I trained with a well known group and we performed in many shows and private functions in the Uk. Shortly after, I decided to go freelance, and dedicated myself to teaching groups of all ages in schools and youth groups. At the same time, I worked as a solo performer and dancer in various functions and events.

I spent 2007/08, in Argentina and Peru, where I also worked as a dancer and teacher, with great success.At the end of 2008 I studied privately with the dance partnership ´´latin Jam´´ here in Barcelona. They are the current champions of a renowned salsa competition 2009, here in Spain.
In June of the this year, I danced with the renowned indian coreographer and dancer, Terence lewis.
In January 1009, I started to teach Bollywood dance here in Barcelona, and I hope to introduce my dance form to other parts of Spain in the coming months.